The Institute for Solar Physics is a national research infrastructure under the Swedish Research Council. It is managed as an independent institute associated with Stockholm University through its Department of Astronomy.

We operate the Swedish 1-meter Solar Telescope (SST) on La Palma, currently the most highly resolving solar telescope in the world.

15 November 2018: Licentiate defence

Joćo da Silva Santos successfully defended his Licentiate thesis, "Constraints on the gas temperature in the solar atmosphere from multiwavelength inversions". Congratulations Joćo!

1 October 2018: New director of ISP

Jorrit Leenaarts is the new director of the Institute for Solar Physics.

1 October 2018: New staff

Carlos J. Dķaz Baso and Flavio Calvo joined the ISP as a Post Docs.

7 September 2018: Thesis defence

Carolina Robustini successfully defended her PhD thesis, "The dynamic chromosphere". Congratulations Dr Robustini!

August 2018: SOLARNET II

The 4-year EU Horizon 2020 project SOLARNET II aims at integrating the major European infrastructures in the field of high-resolution solar physics in preparation for the building of the 4-m class European Slar Telescope. The proposal was recently favorably evaluated and we now enter the negotiation stage.

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